On LinkedIn, you have to hook your lead. There’s no more doubt about it!

People are so overwhelmed all the time with outreach messages that look like this:

Seriously… this person thinks they hooked me in with this message… 🙃

Here’s what we believe in here at LGM: Good segmentation = Good personalization. And in outreach automation, you have to have flexible variables that allow you to do such good personalization.

That’s why we’ve provided you with over 20 variables! So you know you have no limits when it comes to approaching your leads on LinkedIn (…or otherwise)!

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So, if you don’t want to be like that guy 👆 and be automatically sent to spam, read on!

Introducing LGM’s Variables:

Variables are input placeholders that are automatically filled by La Growth Machine every time a template is created to personalize the message.

As you can see, there are two types of variables:

  • Lead variables (Purple): Information you’ve gathered on your lead after enriching their profiles with LGM.
  • Identity variables (Yellow): Information on the identity (person) sending the message (you).

Each type will allow you to personalize your message at scale.

👉 You can use Save & Preview to see if your variables match your leads’ information perfectly:

With LGM, you’ll find the classic variables such as:

  • {{firstname}}
  • {{companyName}}
  • {{proEmail}} or {{persoEmail}}

But you will also find these curious variables: {{customAttribute}}.

These variables are attributes you can personalize per lead and they don’t come from LGM’s enrichment. You program up to 10 of them per lead or for your own identity!

This will allow you to add specific details (in a word or even full sentences) that are unique to each lead or identity.

Take this example from our own upsell campaign:

Hello {{firstname}}


Very quickly, at the time of the year, clients are asking to commit over time with LGM, for accounting reasons: all the budget of the year has not been spent yet, so they’re looking for a way to invest it wisely ;)


Here, I use {{customAttribute1}} as a personal touch that has me check in with our clients, ask them how things are going, etc. I don’t want to be pitching immediately.

Here’s the result:

Final Thoughts:

So now you have everything you need to personalize your messages within your outreach campaigns!

Be careful however, it’s not just about using more variables left and right. Once you do your segmentation right (👈follow the link to learn our full guide to segmentation with different strategies and examples!), then you know who your customer is.

Once that’s done, personalizing your message shouldn’t be too hard. You know who you’re talking to, so you know how to talk to them.

It’s all about just being personable, and that why we at LGM tried to give you as many options as possible!

Happy prospecting! 😉

Automate your LinkedIn outreach with La Growth Machine
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