The recruitment landscape is riddled with challenges, particularly in the quest for top-tier talents that drive company growth.

Navigating the search and engaging qualified candidates requires strategic finesse and effective tools. This is precisely where LaGrowthMachine steps in.

Within the recruitment process, sourcing and activating candidate sourcing can be complex and time-consuming without the right tools. Herein lies the role of LaGrowthMachine.

In this article, we explore how LaGrowthMachine tackles the intricacies of talent acquisition. Through insights from an experienced recruitment professional, we shed light on how the tool is a pivotal asset by optimizing the search and engagement of the most promising candidates.

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Why use LaGrowthMachine for recruitment?

When we say recruitment, we’re mainly talking about the candidate sourcing part, meaning finding the right person for a job, reaching out to them, following up, etc.

Recruiters are usually looking for as many time-saving tools as possible, chief among which is La Growth Machine.

What’s great about LGM is first of all, you can use it for the whole sourcing campaign. So LinkedIn connections messages, first email outreach, follow-ups, you name it!

The second differentiator of LGM is that it allows you to contact a person on different channels in one campaign.

These are the two main reasons why you should use La Growth Machine for your candidate sourcing process!

Sourcing and outreach campaign with La Growth Machine:

Our expert recruiting professional, Morgane from shares with us her workflow and how she gets the most out of LGM in combination with other tools.

Once you have all your list(s) of candidates in your ATS (Applicant Tracking System) or CRM, you simply export it as a CSV.

You can then import the file by going to the Leads tab, clicking on “Import lead”, and then clicking on “Import CSV”.

upload leads lgm

Once you have your audience sorted out, it’s time to start your campaign! Here’s the sequence that the recruitment expert uses:

It may seem complicated, but don’t worry, it’s actually quite simple when you break it down:

Step 1: Start on LinkedIn:

I’m going to use three tools that are always the same.

  • LinkedIn, because it’s the end point of my search, where I find a profile that I connect to Folk.
  • Folk is the database where I keep all my sourcing contracts.
  • Then I export the CSV and import it into La Growth Machine.

Why do I do this? Though I know that you can search directly on LinkedIn from within La Growth Machine, I’d really like to look at the profiles one by one.

I’m going to do a classic sourcing search on my side first before integrating the profiles. Then I’ll launch campaigns segmented by job position on La Growth Machine.

So, in terms of steps, it always starts with LinkedIn. The idea is to visit the candidate’s profile and add them as a connection.

Then we have two branches:

Step 2-1: When Connection Request Accepted:

Once they’ve accepted your request, it’s a reasonably simple outreach sequence:

  • 1. Profile Visit: You start by visiting their profile. As we said earlier, this acts as yet another soft reminder for the candidate, as well as feigning a human interaction.
  • 2. Introduction Message: Send a message introducing yourself, your company or your client, why you’re contacting them, etc.
  • 3. Follow-up messages: This is quite standard, you simply reiterate why you’re interested in the candidate’s profile.
  • 4. “Has Perso Email” Attribute: If you still don’t get any reply, then you switch to email, but in order to do that, you need their personal email.
  • 4.1 Send email: Pretty straightforward, if La Growth Machine finds their personal email, you switch over to that channel with an introduction message and two follow-ups tops.
  • 4.2 Last LinkedIn follow-up: If the tool didn’t manage to find the candidate’s personal email, you try one last time on LinkedIn after you’ve visited their profile once more.

Step 2-2: When Connection Request Not Accepted/ Denied:

If the candidate doesn’t accept your connection request, you simply repeat the above process from Step 4 with an additional step:

  • Check for their personal email:
    • If you have it, you swap to the email channel with a couple of follow-ups
    • If you don’t have it, this particular sequence stops for them. More on that later. 😉

Step 3: If they didn’t answer anywhere:

As you’ve seen throughout this process, there’s one particular block that we haven’t really talked about: the Webhook.

This is basically a method to keep track of all the people who didn’t interact with your messages. I won’t get into the details of how it works (that’s what the article is for 😉) but you basically:

  • Set up a separate audience in your ATS for people to be reactivated
  • Generate an API key and use it in La Growth Machine
  • And finally, set up the webhook to return back all non-responders into your separate audience.
  • This particular audience will then be reactivated through a second LGM identity (maybe a manager or a higher-up).

Once you have this setup properly, your campaigns will be running smoothly! It is a system that works remarkably well for those who don’t necessarily answer or engage with messages.

Step 4: Campaign Analysis:

As with any outreach sequence, be it prospecting or recruitment, you have to analyze the effectiveness of your campaign. This is done by running some basic analytics in La Growth Machine and looking at the results.

Here are Morgane’s results with the above sequence:

A 40% reply rate is very impressive. According to Morgane, this is due mainly to:

  • The multichannel aspect of La Growth Machine: The fact that you can switch to another channel once the first one doesn’t work is simply too good to ignore.
  • The ability to customize your messages: You can tailor your messages according to the person you’re talking to and get a much better response rate.

This makes it very easy for recruiters like Morgane who are trying to hire the best people as quickly as possible!

Final Thoughts:

To close out this guide, here’s what we have to say about what works for us when it comes to automating your recruitment:

AB testing is key in any recruitment strategy! Play around and experiment with different workflows, different copywriting, different channels, etc. What works for one audience may not work for the next!

Happy recruiting! 🙂

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