If you spend any time on LinkedIn (and you should!), you’ve probably been approached by the LinkedIn Premium sales teams.

Far from being undesirable, these paid subscriptions can be real stepping stones for your business’ success. Especially if you want to recruit the right profile or boost your sales prospecting strategy.

What is LinkedIn Premium? What are its main advantages? Which LinkedIn Premium subscription is the most adapted to your needs? And how to combine it with powerful Growth Marketing tools?

Read our article until the end to know everything about the different solutions offered by LinkedIn Premium and their importance to your company.

What is LinkedIn Premium?

LinkedIn premium is an upgrade to your LinkedIn account that gives you access to additional features such as extended profiles, advanced search filters, and exclusive insights.

If you are a motivated sales rep using LinkedIn in your prospecting strategy, you may have already felt limited by its possibilities.

First of all, it is necessary to know that LinkedIn divides its user accounts into three levels (it’s the little numbers you see right by the user’s name):


  • The first level (1st): you are already connected to this person and are each part of the other’s professional network. You can send each other private messages and interact with each other on the content published in the news feed.
  • The second level (2nd): these are the professional relationships of your professional relationships. You are not allowed to send them private messages, but you can submit a connection request.
  • The third level (3rd): You are unlikely to know these people. They are the ones connected to your second-level contacts.

LaGrowthMachine is software that essentially allows you to generate new leads from people you don’t know yet. Therefore, most of the realizable campaigns with our tool on LinkedIn are for second and third-level accounts.

List of adjustable actions from the LaGrowthMachine app on LinkedIn

However, you can program the tool to prospect among your first-level acquaintances, depending on the objectives you have!

What is the purpose of a LinkedIn Premium account?

While LinkedIn is quite comprehensive for regular users, its free version can quickly become limiting in terms of taking it to the next level.

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The limitations of a free LinkedIn account:

Even though you can access many of the classic features, the free account does not allow you to:

  • Bypass the commercial use limit
  • Send InMails (private LinkedIn messages to people who are not yet in your contacts, via LinkedIn’s internal messaging system)
  • Have the entire display of the 3rd level profile pages
  • Access all the key information for your business from other company pages
  • Know all the people who have recently visited your profile (limited to 5 people)
  • View the people who have visited your profile, in case you have configured your account in private mode

The advantages of a LinkedIn Premium account

Premium accounts are divided into four sub-categories. We’ll come back to this topic in more detail in the rest of our article. In the meantime, here is how they are divided:

  • Premium Career
  • Premium Business
  • Sales Navigator
  • LinkedIn Recruiter Lite
The Different Premium Plans

Each premium version has its own advantages. However, they all have some common features:

  • Listing of all the people who have visited your profile page in the last 90 days
  • More information displayed on company pages
  • Access to a (limited) number of InMails
  • The display of your LinkedIn Premium badge on your profile
  • And more…!

Be careful though, it is important to know the details of each subscription before subscribing to it. Not every LinkedIn Premium account is suitable for your business.

Let’s examine together which paid subscription is the most suitable for your needs.

How to choose the right LinkedIn Premium offer for you?

Each LinkedIn Premium subscription has its own specificities.

While one is more adapted to job search, the others will be more adapted to business prospecting, recruiting qualified candidates, or generating sales.

Before anything else, it is necessary to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are your goals when using LinkedIn? Recruit, prospect, expand your network, generate sales, etc.
  • Who is your target? Prospects you have never contacted before, members of your network, qualified candidates, etc.

Once you have clarified the previous points, you can more easily choose between the following 4 options:

LinkedIn Premium Career, at €34.7 per month

The Premium Career subscription is the most used and the most basic of the 4 Premium subscriptions offered by LinkedIn.

It is mainly used for job search. According to the social network, subscribing to it would allow you to be recruited twice as fast.

Here are the advantages of the LinkedIn Premium Career account:

  • Ability to send 3 InMails per month: Including to potential recruiters and authors of job offers published on the social network
  • Access to candidate information: It allows you to know where you stand in relation to the competition and determines your chances to stand out.
  • Access to free resources: You can get free online training on specific topics in many fields.
  • Shortlisted candidacy: You will receive a notification when you are shortlisted by the author of a job offer
  • View all accounts that have viewed your profile: Ideal for stalking your stalkers and identifying potential recruiters.

LinkedIn Premium Business, at €49.6 per month

The Premium Business subscription is designed to help you expand your business by allowing you to:

  • Send 15 InMails per month, including premium profiles
  • Access to in-depth information about companies, including their growth potential
  • Access to the complete profile of each LinkedIn user, even the third level
  • Free access to LinkedIn training to help you become more professional and skilled
  • Find out who has visited your profile in the last 90 days and how they got there.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Professional, at €79.3 per month

Any decent growth marketer will tell you that the Sales Navigator is by far the most powerful tool offered by LinkedIn.

It is your best professional ally to segment your contact lists and perform advanced searches.

By using it, you have access to :

  • A powerful tool to segment your contact lists
  • Considerable optimization of the relevance and number of results found (from 1000 search results to 2500) when searching
  • The ability to contact up to 20 people via InMail
  • A condensed view of your contacts’ information (job changes, company maturity, hierarchical level)
  • Unlimited views of profiles up to the third level
  • Suggestions of potential prospects for your business
  • Automatically save your searches
  • View all profiles that have visited your page in the last 90 days

Without Sales Navigator, it is much more complex to conduct an advanced sales prospecting or lead generation strategy.

That’s why many growth and prospecting platforms offer to integrate Sales Navigator directly into their tools. This is the case with LaGrowthMachine.

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite, at 124€ per month

Even though the price of this formula has skyrocketed, it remains a valuable asset for HR, management, or company executives.

This is the package to select if you want to hire the right candidate for your job opening.

  • In total, the Recruiter Lite subscription provides access to 7 distinct features:
  • The ability to send 30 InMails per month: perfect for headhunters
  • Specific search filters adapted for recruitment
  • Suggestions to help you find new talent
  • A dashboard that allows you to sort candidates
  • An integrated recruiting tool that aggregates all candidates for your job posting, regardless of the platform used to post your ad
  • The ability to view the LinkedIn accounts of people who have visited your personal page in the last 90 days
  • The ability to view all desired profiles, up to the third level

To summarize, it is a kind of mini CRM tool you can choose, on which a member of the company can manage all the recruitment campaigns.

Now that we have reviewed the 4 different subscriptions offered by LinkedIn Premium, it remains to select the formula that suits you best.

At LaGrowthMachine, we have been choosing for a long time.

The Different LinkedIn Recruiter Formulas

How to get the most out of LinkedIn Premium with LaGrowthMachine?

Want to boost your response rate? Need to generate business quickly via LinkedIn?

The equation is simple => Sales Navigator + LGM = 3.5X more responses.

However, to achieve this result, there are a few steps to follow:

Export your Sales Navigator results list:

Here’s how to do it:

  • Access LinkedIn and Sales Navigator using your dedicated LGM Chrome or IOS extension
  • Click on Leads => Import Leads => Import from LinkedIn
  • Set up your search filters to improve the segmentation of your contact lists: the more segmented they are, the more targeted and efficient your approach will be
  • Once you have implemented your filters, all you have to do is click on “search”.
  • Import your leads by clicking on the button at the top left of your screen
The workings of Sales Navigator

Find our complete article dedicated to the extraction of contact lists via Sales Navigator to implement them on LaGrowthMachine.

Automate your campaigns with LaGrowthMachine

Once you define your contact lists, you can launch your prospecting or lead generation campaigns.

Design messages adapted to each stage of your prospecting funnel for each segmented list and persona.

Thanks to adapted copywriting, you will gather even more information about your leads.

This information will help you to assign each potential customer his level of warmth. This information will help you to determine whether or not a lead is suitable for conversion.

Each new lead that is integrated into your prospecting sequence will be automatically enriched.

Key Takeaways

Opting for a LinkedIn Premium subscription is often a good idea for a startup or a company in its development phase.

Although the subscription price is high, especially for the Sales Navigator tool, it quickly becomes profitable by the quality of the leads generated. You can also benefit from a free one-month trial, which is more than enough to get the hang of it.

Before choosing your formula, define your objectives. Determine if you want to use LinkedIn to boost your visibility, generate sales, recruit talents or accelerate your prospecting strategy.

Finally, don’t forget to couple your subscription with a powerful growth marketing tool, like LaGrowthMachine. This is the key to success to segment your campaigns, refine your copywriting, and close deals more easily.