You’ve got yourself a noticeable lead list. Your product has taken off, and you’re no longer scraping for new leads, congratulations! 🎉

However, as you and I know all too well, with more leads, comes a lead management issue. Managing your sales manually is no longer an option.

You need to automate most of the work that has no added value but takes up most of your time.

And that’s exactly what La Growth Machine stands for!

In this article, I’ll give you multiple scenarios where you can use LGM to automate your outreach and for you to focus on what’s really important -closing deals! 💪

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Scenario 1 – Lead signup ➡️ Welcome:

Let’s start with the basics!

Whenever a lead signs up for your product or service, the least you can do is welcome them aboard. There’s absolutely no reason for you to do this manually, your time is much more precious elsewhere.

Here’s the sequence:

LinkedIn Campaign – Lead Welcome.

Simple yet efficient:

  • Step 1- Is a contact? Check if the lead is already a contact, so as not to mix up the copywriting with the new contacts. 😉
  • Step 2- Send message 1: If they’re already in your contacts, you send a cute little message offering help if they need it. I personally like to playfully tease my lead by “spoiling” that this is automated. At the same time, I show off the product itself.

Hey {{firstname}}, welcome to LGM 🔥 We can’t wait to see the strategies you’ll craft!

Obviously, this is an example of multichannel sequences you’ll be able to build soon :)

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!!!

(228 characters)

  • Step 3- Add relation: If they’re not already a connection of yours, you add them!
  • Step 4- Send message 2: This is message 1 for your new contacts and a soft follow-up for your old ones. The content itself isn’t the most important here, I just want to start a conversation with our new customer so I resorted to the good old “Where did you hear about us”.

Hey {{firstname}} – just curious, how did you hear about LGM?

I’m always curious to know how people from abroad learn about us!

P.S.: In our case, this works wonders because LGM is a French company and most of our clients are French. So it kind of works as an icebreaker as well. 😉

Scenario 2 – Lead signup ➡️ Does nothing:

We’ve all been here; you see a new signup, you welcome them, then you check on them again 5 days later, they’ve done nothing. 😢

You simply can’t let these leads go! Here’s what to do:

LinkedIn Campaign – Lead Signup No Action

Again, a simple LinkedIn campaign:

  • Step 1 is the same
  • Step 2- Send message 1: A simple greeting and asking how’s everything going.

Hey {{firstname}}! How are your first days playing around LGM going?

  • Step 3- Send messages 2 and 3: Here you wait for some time and if they don’t reply, you follow up with the lead:

Message 1: arg I see on your account that you haven’t set anything up yet 😔

LGM doesn’t quite match what you need?

Message 2: Or just a timing issue?

If the lead does end up performing one action you can switch up your copywriting a little bit. Only for messages 2 and 3 though, Message 1 stays exactly the same:

I see you’ve imported some leads but didn’t create any campaigns yet :(

Anything we can help you with on the setup?

OR -in case they launched a campaign but had no conversions:

I see you launched your first campaign! Kudos!!!

Not too hard to set up?

Scenario 3 – Lead signup ➡️ Has results:

Let’s switch gears to commend good news:

The sequence is similar to the last one, I just send two messages consecutively and remove the follow-up:

Message 1:

Hey {{firstname}}

How are your first days playing around with LGM going?

Message 2: 

I can see you launched your first campaign and already have your first replies!!!!

You’ll get to play around with the Inbox and see how powerful it is to manage all them leads!!

Again, same technique as earlier, send one message and immediately follow it up with the second to feign that an actual person sent this and it’s not an automation.

I also make sure to tease at least one feature of ours that makes us better than the competition -in this case, our multichannel sales inbox.

Automate your LinkedIn outreach with La Growth Machine
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Scenario 4 – Inbound engage:

Now that we covered how to automate some of the main stages your lead goes through on their journey, let’s go over the classics.

One of the main lead sources is lead magnets (literally its namesake) which are pieces of premium content that you share in exchange for people’s contact information.

This makes it so leads come to you (by filling out a form, leaving a comment on your LinkedIn post, etc.). Hence, inbound!

Let’s take the case of this LinkedIn post (in French):

Adrien LinkedIn Post – Segmentation Strategy

Long story short, he offers this playbook in exchange for… you guessed it, people’s LinkedIn info! Once these people comment, they’re immediately added into this sequence (if you want to learn how to do this using LGM click here):

Multichannel Campaign – LinkedIn Post

Let’s break it down 👉

Subject: LinkedIn link

Hey {{firstname}},

Following your request for the Sales Playbook on how to segment properly, I’m doubling up with an email :)

Well, let’s face it, La Growth Machine does it all automatically:

{{sequence screenshot}}

Here’s a sneak peek of what you can create ;)

For the Playbook, you’ll find it here {{link}}. The menu is intense:

  • {{Argument 1}}
  • {{Argument 2}}
  • etc.

And if you want to automate your multi-channel prospecting with La Growth Machine, let’s talk :)

Plus, we’ve got plenty of other content to share with you!



A hefty email… But that’s exactly why I use this channel, I won’t be able to fit this much information in a LinkedIn message… Which brings me to my next step:

  • Step 2- LinkedIn message 1: In this part, I just entice the lead a little bit, offer them some more value, some more incentive for them to try LGM. As you probably know by now, the direct approach is my go-to.

Here’s a coupon for a free month’s trial of LGM and have fun with the different features: {{customAttribute9}}

WARNING: this coupon is only valid for Monthly plans. If you try to apply it to an Annual plan, you won’t get an error but you’ll find yourself spending a lot of money 😅

and to sign up, it’s right here:

  • Step 3- LinkedIn message 2: Again, same thing as before, this message immediately follow the previous one:

To be applied wisely in your next iterations of automated prospecting ;)

And voilà! That’s it on my end, let me know what you think about the playbook!

  • Step 4- Last message: As you can see, this is in case of no reply (which quite frankly doesn’t happen a lot…). I don’t reiterate, I don’t beg for an answer or say anything like “I haven’t gotten a reply…” I simply ask:

So, how about this guide? Have you had a chance to implement and/or question your processes?

For the more curious among you, here are my results for all the campaigns I ran on LinkedIn engagement with lead magnets:

LinkedIn Engagement Results

So now you have an automatic sequence for your lead magnets and overall your inbound processes!

Scenario 5 – Cold outbound:

Last but not least, the “cold” outbound!

This is where you reach out to your leads. For this scenario, I chose a campaign where I left a Typeform pretty much everywhere and reached out to anyone who filled it out.

It’s not technically “cold” outbound since the lead already knows about us and they’re the one who signed up

Here’s the sequence:

  • Step 1- Email:

Subject: {{firstname}}, your onboarding on LGM!

Hey {{firstname}}!

Thanks for taking the time to fill out the typeform!

It’s about time we get you started with LaGrowthMachine!

The onboarding last about 55min during which I’ll personnally show you how to :

  • {{Value 1}}
  • {{Value 2}}
  • {{Value 3}}
  • etc.

All so you can craft the most advanced lead generation strategy.

Excited? Then book a slot with me {{link}}!



Here, you can see that even though this is an email, I quickly outline the added value of the call I want them to book. This is because I’d rather leave the *full* sales pitch to be done during the call itself.

  • Step 2- LinkedIn message:

Hey {{firstname}},

I just sent you an email to organise your onboarding on LGM :)

PS : yes this is an example of automated multichannel inbound sequences you could build soon! ;)

We like to familiarize our audience with our tactics from the get-go! 😅

Hey {{firstname}},

I noticed you haven’t booked a time yet!

Still actively seeking to implement better processes and automation for your sales team?

My role is to assist you during your first months in setting up the best outbound strategies fitting your needs

How about we book a quick hour so I can onboard you properly {{link}}?



  • Step 4- Last chance email:

Hey {{firstname}},

Last chance to organize your onboarding on LaGrowthMachine :)

A great opportunity to show you how we automate our inbound with multichannel steps as seen bellow !


Yes, that’s the sequence you were enrolled in ;)

If you’re still looking to automate your sales operations, let’s book a meeting together {{link}}!

Have a great day


Final Thoughts

These strategies are not at all about the sequences themselves, you can replace any number of the workflows I shared with you with whatever you like. I even encourage you to do so to adapt to your own audience.

However, what I want you to take out of this whole article is that automating your lead outreach is all about using a casual, smart tone that feels personal to the person you’re reaching out to.

The heart of the strategies I shared with you is that automation should streamline lead engagement with a friendly touch and mimic a natural conversation that you would have with any other lead, any other day.

The idea is to maintain a balance between efficiency and authenticity, nudging leads through their journey with tailored messages that seem less automated and more like a 1:1 chat.

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