Recruiting the right person can make or break a company. Naturally, when opening an important position, you want to make sure that A-Players know about your job opening.

LaGrowthMachine can help you just do that at scale, in only 20 minutes. By creating a highly personalized sequence that will first warm up the lead, slowly get in touch and then be more forthcoming about your recruiting intents, you’ll be able to catch the attention of A-Players.

It’s then up to you to convince them to join your company.

In this GrowthMaster post, we’ll share with you:

  • How to set up your audience depending on your job opening
  • How to tailor the sequence to your needs

We’re going to take the fictional example of a Paris-based company recruiting a Head of Growth.

Chapter 1: Finding the right candidate, on a scale

As with any outbound campaign, the first step is finding your leads. LaGrowthMachine custom’s Linkedin Search makes it easy to identify all the relevant candidates for any job opening you may have. Here’s a quick example.

To do so, go to Leads and launch a Linkedin Search. In our case, we’re going to target the people that are currently Head of Growth in the Paris area.

This returns 126 results. It’s a good start, but you probably want to broaden your reach by giving the rising stars a chance at getting hired. Let’s also search for growth people but this time, working at the top startups in Paris. Search parameters are as follows:

  • Title: Growth
  • Location: Paris Area
  • Companies: Payfit, Spendesk, October, Blablacar, Alan, Ledger, Deezer, Qonto, Vestiaire Collective, Contentsquare, Lydia, Doctolib, Aircall, Snips, Shift Technology, Back Market, Selency, ManoMano, Linkfluence, Meero, Openclassrooms, Sendinblue, Tinyclues, AB Tasty, Frichti,, Comet, Bankin, Side, Papernest

Bingo 472 results. That’s perfect! Now that we have our leads, let’s hook them at scale!

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Chapter 2: Setting up a compelling sequence

A-Players get solicited every single month… Especially by recruiters. Blasting emails and generic Linkedin requests will have a very low chance of converting. In order to stand out, it is necessary to have a conversational approach by first warming up the lead and then getting in touch, based on the lead’s behavior.

Step 1: Warming Up Leads

Warming up a lead isn’t easy. Probably they’ve never heard of you nor your company. We break down this barrier by creating proximity and first visiting his profile long enough to send a notification to the lead. Then LaGrowthMachine will like his latest tweet and follow him.

People can’t help being curious about who showed interest in them. These subtle actions almost always result in your lead researching you or your company.

Step 2: The First Hook

You’ve created proximity and some trust with basic human interactions. One day later, it’s now time to contact him. Good copy is very important, direct, and brief, especially given the 300-character limitation on Linkedin requests.


Having warmed up the lead, your reply rate will be high. Our test indicates an XXX% increase if you do so. When the lead replies, you’ve caught his attention and it’s not up to you to convince him.

But what happens if he doesn’t react?

Step 3: Look how far I’m willing to go to get you

Most recruiters stop at step 2, without ever creating proximity thanks to Step 1. But attracting talent requires tenacity. By following up on another channel -email- two days later, you’re demonstrating your interest. Moreover, by mentioning your previous action (Linkedin Request), you provide the reassurance that it’s not a generic mass-emailing.

This is the power of past-behavior-based sequences.


Do pay attention that we provide a link this time. It will be very useful for the next step

Step 4: I know you checked

By now if the lead hasn’t replied, it’s probably that he isn’t interested. You could send a third email (it doesn’t cost anything since LaGrowthMachine would do it for you), with a very low probability of getting a reply.

There is however one last tactic you can try. Remember we added a link to the previous email? Every link we send through emails is tracked. If the lead clicks on the linked job description, it must be that you got his curiosity, but not yet his attention.

Maybe one last email will do the trick? We’re only sending that third message to people who clicked the link.


Chapter 3: Results