Ever thought offline strategies were a thing of the past? Think again.

In fact, ‘offline’, aka physical marketing, is all about delivering tangible, personalized gifts to your targets—whether they’re prospects, clients, partners, or collaborators.

Picture this: a beautifully crafted gift box, a simple envelope with a card, a whitepaper, or a tea sachet, or even a classic or handwritten card. There’s something for every budget and preference. Who wouldn’t like that?

And even better, it drives your reply and conversion rates through the roof!

Not convinced? Read through this article that follows Malcolm, Sales VP at JeudiMerci, and his journey of revitalizing offline strategies with a modern touch, using La Growth Machine.

It’s time to discover how this age-old approach can skyrocket your engagement and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Let’s go! 🔥

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Why choose offline? The power of tangible connections:

Offline, in theory, stands as one of -if not the, strongest acquisition channels out there.

It’s no surprise! As much as we like to hide it, we humans like physical things, so when a company stands out and sends you – a prospect or a partner, a personable gift, that ought to make you happy.

And the numbers back it up. Here’s a snapshot of a couple of La Growth Machine sequences targeting similar profiles:

As you can clearly see, the results are worlds apart. We’ve gone from a 15% response rate to 31%, and an interest rate/”Won” from 1.5% to 10%.

With offline strategies, the potential exists to achieve conversion rates well beyond 20%, even reaching the realms of +200% or +300%.

Crafting an effective strategy

Without further ado, let’s delve into how JeudiMerci conceptualized, executed, and tracked their LGM campaign. Feel free to adapt this to your own product and company, that’s what this post is for. 😉

1. The Approach:

The foundation of any campaign lies in a well-thought-out strategy.

The idea is simple—they’re targeting prospects here, they want to generate new business. Therefore, we require a strategy with a clear objective.

We all know prospects are bombarded with countless cold emails, each one more impersonal than the last. Response rates have taken a hit.

So, in their strategy, there’s a focus on buying signals—reaching out to prospects at the perfect time for them to consider the solution.

Timing is key; Let’s take the summer season for instance.

Decisions about events like summer seminars are typically made around May through August. The plan: send out a multitude of written and offline touchpoints around April—to lay the groundwork, spark conversations, and ensure they’re not fashionably late.

2. Segmentation and Targeting:

Now that you got your strategy in place, who are you targeting?

The focus for JeudiMerci lies on those managing internal corporate events and seminars— namely individuals in internal communications. Additionally, they target office managers, the very hands-on people dealing with the operations of it all, such as those who buy the items and manage deliveries.

The golden rule is: When engaged in prospecting, it’s crucial to target both decision-makers and those actively involved in operations to optimize the chances of conversion.

That’s for our target. The next step is all about creating a precise list of leads.

JeudiMerci uses LinkedIn Sales Navigator which shocks precisely no one, as it’s the best tool to use for your segmentation.

You might be wondering, however; How do you go about acquiring the corporate addresses? Here are a couple of nifty tricks;

  • EvaBoot: Use it to pull together a robust CSV file from your LinkedIn list with all the details you need, including the headquarters and the specific prospect’s address if it’s different.
  • SociétéInfo (for French companies): Or any other platform that provides accurate corporate information on different companies.

Both of these are paid solutions.

3. The Copywriting:

Now, let’s delve into the art of crafting compelling copy before diving into the sequence itself.

JeudiMerci has been a loyal user of La Growth Machine (LGM) for two years because, in their playbook, it’s all about leveraging the multi-channel for supercharged conversion rates.

In this campaign particularly, we’re going all in on the multi-channel approach, they’re using both LinkedIn and Email, and you’ll see why in just a moment.

Here’s a peek at the copywriting for the initial email, now they’re no copywriting gurus, but the reasoning behind stands:

Subject: Que Calor!

Hello {{firstname}},

The temperature is rising, the patios are bustling, and the barbecue invitations are pouring in. I imagine you’re starting to daydream about going on vacation, just like me!

But before you get away, there are a lot of topics to be dealt with. Perhaps one of them is organizing the summer event or seminar?

If that’s the case, we should talk. Let’s work together to create the gifts that will make this a memorable moment for your teams before they break away for a few weeks!

How about a quick chat? (15 minutes tops, I promise).

See you soon,

For starters, a subject line was chosen to pique curiosity. “Que Calor” isn’t your run-of-the-mill email subject, right? Personally, it would get me curious, and that curiosity drives me to click.

Next up, a breezy introduction, setting the stage with a nod to summer vibes.

Then, the aim was to confirm if they were actually engaging with the decision-maker through a question: “Perhaps one of them is organizing the summer event or seminar?” I found this very smart, people will directly respond with a yes or no, starting the conversation.

Following that, you find the value proposition, which is strategically kept rather vague. Again, it’s about getting the prospect curious!

Finally, a quick CTA that wraps it up.

4. The Automations:

There’s one last thing to check off the list—setting up your automations. The beauty of using La Growth Machine and JeudiMerci is that once the sequence is live, everything runs on autopilot.

Here’s the pre-launch setup; two automations with Zapier:

  • The first: Once the “JeudiMerci gift” webhook block is activated in La Growth Machine, the gift is sent.
  • The second automation: To keep tabs on whether the prospect has received the gift once it’s dispatched. JeudiMerci wants sales teams notified when it’s the case.

If you want to learn more about how to use Zapier and La Growth Machine, click here!

So, those are the two small setups you need to handle. Now, finally, for the pièce de resistance.

The multi-channel campaign:

Onto the infamous campaign! Here’s what it looks like in its whole:

It might seem intimidating, but don’t worry! Here are the steps you need to take:

  • 1st touchpoint: We kick things off with an initial email, breaking the ice with the lead and making sure the gift idea makes sense. This is the same email from earlier.
  • Webhook Integration: A seamlessly integrated connector with La Growth Machine. The setup itself is a breeze; you just insert your link, and everything runs automatically. This block is meant for the sending of the gift.
  • Sales Team Notification: Once the gift is in the lead’s hands, the sales team is notified through the Zapier automation we covered earlier.
  • Sales Call: This is where conversion rates just go through the roof! Be it showing interest, booking appointments, demos, you name it.

Now, what if the sales rep hasn’t managed to connect with the prospect over the phone? Cue the second email, specifically focused on the gift itself:

We sent you a little something we thought you might enjoy. Did you get it? Did you like it? We wanted to talk to you about making your countless summers a little more special. Are you available for a chat?

In case they still didn’t see the different communications, LinkedIn enters the picture again, to properly embrace the multi-channel aspect of La Growth Machine.

We send a connection request, followed by a direct voice message for that little something extra.

And there you have it—a strategy designed for engagement, conversation, and a touch of personal flair.

Follow-Up and Analyzing the Campaign:

Now that the sequence is in motion, we need to optimize follow-up and enhance conversion with the help of your sales teams.

As mentioned earlier, the second automation implemented with Zapier serves to notify your sales teams when the gift reaches its intended recipients.

JeudiMerci has created a dedicated Slack channel named “Delivery Notifications.” Whenever a delivery is completed, you get a notification with the prospect’s name.

Then you can create a task in HubSpot (or any CRM for that matter) to call the prospect within one or two days as we mentioned earlier.

The entire process unfolds within HubSpot, which is also one of the key benefits of La Growth Machine; the ability to immediately sync with your HubSpot reports.

As soon as the sequence is initiated, create a list in HubSpot, transforming it into two dashboards to further optimize your sales team’s follow-up. Here’s what it looks like:

It operates as a dynamic list. As emails pour in from La Growth Machine, more leads arrive on HubSpot. When a lead goes in the HubSpot report, the sales teams enrich their phone numbers.

Your role as an AM or AE is to facilitate your SDR’s work as much as possible. Providing them with a qualified list. All they’d need to do is deliver the best sales pitch.

This view is what something you’d use to track the conversion of the sequence would look like:

You can see who has been contacted and who hasn’t, maybe you lack their phone numbers, maybe they already went on vacation, etc. They are classified into various categories from “Contact Attempt” to “Contacted”, to “Lost”, etc.

This allows you to really grasp the campaign’s conversion and calculate your ROI afterward.

This other report incorporates lead scoring.

Once again, the beauty of La Growth Machine’s integration with HubSpot is that it allows for integrated scoring based on the interactions the lead has with the sequence

Present this dashboard to your sales team and have them prioritize those leads with the highest scores, as they display the highest interest level. If you call them, you’re almost sure that you’ll at least get some appointments.

Final Thoughts:

So that was the full JeudiMerci strategy for how they revolutionized the offline channel, with a modern spin!

You now know everything about how the campaign was created, implemented, and monitored.

In the end, you get the results I showed you earlier:

205 people were contacted, out of which 75 have responded.

Out of these 75 interactions, 24 showed interest (Won). This doesn’t represent signed deals but rather individuals who expressed interest and engaged in demos.

They successfully closed 6 deals, generating €120,000 in revenue.

When we compare this revenue to the initial investment of €1,800 (excluding detailed costs like operational expenses, etc.), the raw ROI stands at an impressive 590%.

While it’s true that offline methods may incur higher costs than sending a simple email campaign, the impact on conversion rates is just colossal, look at the numbers for yourself!

This is especially the case when you target high-potential prospects with high average baskets who are challenging to reach. In that case, incorporating offline channels into your prospecting sequences is genuinely worth considering.

And now you can do it easily with a combination of JeudiMerci and La Growth Machine!

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