If you’re here to find new hacks to increase your generated leads from LinkedIn, you’ve come to the right place.

LinkedIn is an excellent solution for getting clients, in many ways. LinkedIn groups, LinkedIn outreach, post engagement strategy… growth marketers use a new variety of tactics every day.

What is LinkedIn growth hacking? What are the main benefits of growth hacking from LinkedIn? How to hack your LinkedIn growth using LaGrowthMachine? And what are the best growth hacking strategies on LinkedIn?

In this post, we’ll cover everything you want to know about growth hacking on LinkedIn. We’ll provide you with the 5 best growth hacking strategies that exist for LinkedIn. And for each hack, we’ll explain how you can use LaGrowthMachine to explode your lead generation results.

Let’s dive into it.

What is LinkedIn growth hacking?

If you’re here, we’re assuming you already know what growth hacking is: a bunch of techniques that help B2B sales and marketers to generate more leads.

LinkedIn growth hacking is basically using techniques to generate more leads on LinkedIn.

Ok fine, but what techniques?

LinkedIn growth hacking can include very specific actions, such as:

  • Massive reach out to LinkedIn Groups;
  • Creating industry-relevant content;
  • Using LinkedIn Pulse to reach out to leads;
  • Overcoming LinkedIn outreach limits (invitation request + number of outreach messages per week);
  • Engaging with potential leads on other people’s posts;
  • Etc…
Use LaGrowthMachine to reach out to your leads!

These hacks are just some examples of what you can think about to get more leads on LinkedIn. We’re going to explain each one of them later in this post.

When talking about growth techniques on LinkedIn, there’s no other limit than your imagination and creativity. At LaGrowthMachine, our very own tool is a growth hack, based on LinkedIn failures.

Indeed, there are many benefits in developing growth hacking based on LinkedIn issues and that’s what we’re going to see next.

What are the benefits of using LinkedIn growth hacks?

We’re all trying to activate growth hacks to get more leads, more clients, and drive more sales.

However, it’s interesting to know how growth techniques can help achieve micro objectives, to serve our macro objective.

LinkedIn growth hacks allow you to:

  • Cluster the widest lead database worldwide with very high accuracy: with LinkedIn tools such as Sales Navigator, you can conduct strategies such as LinkedIn ABM that will help you target the right people.
  • Outreach to thousands of B2B leads, and so in many ways: Fundamentally, LinkedIn is a solution that enables you to talk to anyone, no matter his position or location. By using automation tools like LaGrowthMachine, you can send thousands of messages to thousands of leads.
  • Drive outbound & content strategy with very high ROI – using LinkedIn Pods: we all know that posting is one of the most effective LinkedIn inbound marketing strategies. (Like, really?🙄) But you need to be aware of some rules regarding post engagement and reach if you want this technique to be effective. That’s where LinkedIn pods may be useful.
You can use the company page for generating leads as well!

All these sub-objectives can be achieved by LinkedIn growth hacking techniques. And they all have a huge impact on our big objective, which is getting more leads.

Now, what we want is to propose to you the 5 most concrete and helpful hacks to generate more leads on LinkedIn!

What are the best LinkedIn growth hacks? Top 5 strategies!

We’re getting to the most technical – and most interesting – part of this post. As said previously, you’ll find tons of techniques and hacks across the web that will help you with your objective to generate more leads through LinkedIn.

However, we – at LaGrowthMachine – think that there is a lot of waste or non-useful information in those posts. Our ambition is to talk to salespeople and growth marketers, to give concrete, creative and proven-to-work hacks that will help you to generate more leads right after reading this article.

We’ve selected 5 hacks we want to talk to you about today:

  • Bypass Linkedin’s search limits
  • Export your connections for retargeting purposes
  • Using LinkedIn Pixel to get useful information about your leads and drive retargeting strategy
  • Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to lead ABM strategy
  • Manipulate the LinkedIn Algorithm to your advantage with engagement pods

Let’s dive into each one of these hacks and see how to use them for maximum success!

Hack 1: Bypass LinkedIn’s Search Limits

These last years, LinkedIn has been hacked so many times by smart guys – hungry growth marketers for the most part – that it has to protect itself.

Therefore, they started to put some limits.

linkedin account restricted
If you exceed LinkedIn limits, you can get banned for some time

There are two kinds of LinkedIn limits:

  • Outreach limits;
  • Search limits.

LinkedIn Outreach Limits

Here are the current limits if you’re using an active account:

  • LinkedIn visits: 100/day. You may do more for a few days if you have an emergency need, but never more than 250-300/week
  • LinkedIn contacts: 100 – 150/week
  • LinkedIn messages: 120/day

We’ve written a much more detailed post about LinkedIn limits so we suggest you go and read it if you’re interested in this subject.

LinkedIn Search Limits

These were limits for LinkedIn outreach usage only.

When searching for new leads on LinkedIn, you can meet these limits:

  • The number of results will not exceed 25 leads per page, so if you want to extract your leads to outreach to them, this is going to take a while to export leads 25 by 25.
  • LinkedIn will limit you if you’re using the search feature too much. You can simply solve this one by purchasing their Sales Navigator plan, which will be very useful if you’re prospecting on LinkedIn, anyway. You should definitely go for it.

Here’s our method to counter the search limits:

First, buy a LinkedIn Sales Navigator Plan.

Then, you’ll be able to search for unlimited leads on LinkedIn.

However, you’ll still be blocked by the “25 results per page” issue.

So the next step is to scrape the pages one by one to get all the leads. When you have a look at a LinkedIn search URL, you’ll notice that it always gets the same structure. The only change is in the ID of the company.

This ID is used by LinkedIn to identify each company/lead on LinkedIn.

And that’s the same for leads! Each person on LinkedIn has their own ID.

Thanks to this, you can simply use a formula to scrape companies and leads directly into Google Sheets. Otherwise, you can get the same results with a scraper such as Web Scraper.

import leads from any source

Once you’ve imported all your lead into a CSV, you can just import them in LaGrowthMachine. Our tool will enrich leads by scraping the emails you got from LinkedIn among other data, and you’ll be able to create multichannel selling sequences using Email or LinkedIn outreach, automatically!

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Do you want to improve the efficiency of your sales department? With La Growth Machine you can generate on average 3.5x more leads while saving an incredible amount of time on all your processes.

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Hack 2: Export your LinkedIn connections

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This one is a little bit easier than the previous one. Let’s say that you’re posting regularly on LinkedIn and you’re starting to develop a good network in your area of expertise. It’s important for reach and engagement purposes.

But when it gets to outreach to them, you must have noticed that you’re getting in touch with a very few amount of them (5% maximum).

Wouldn’t it be great to get all these connections in the same place to outreach to them?

That’s what we’re going to share here.

First, let’s go at your profile. Then, go to Settings > Data Privacy > Get a Copy of your Data > Connections.

This will export all your connection to a CSV file.

Great, but now what?

To really get the best out of this strategy, you need to outreach to your leads. To do so, once again, you can simply go through LaGrowthMachine, the same process as explained in the previous Hack.

Hack 3: Use LinkedIn Pixel for prospecting & marketing

This Linkedin Growth Hack has been working for a very long time but is rarely used, yet it allows you to:

  • Know who is visiting your site;
  • Considerably increase the number of people who have seen your profile (this is fake, though);
  • Use your website’s traffic to be at the top of the profiles seen on Linkedin;
  • Do retargeting for free.

For retargeting, you must have a Sales Navigator license, once again.

How does it work?

First, go to your website.

Then, access and edit the code of your site. If you’re using WordPress, add a text widget on your site and add this code inside. If you have a homegrown site, Add this code to your pages:

We have just integrated a pixel (a 1px by 1px square) on your site that makes Linkedin “believe” that your site is in fact your Linkedin profile (this pixel is not used for that). Thus, each website visitor will have “virtually” visited your profile.

You can stop at this stage and simply contemplate serenely your Linkedin profile becoming more and more popular among your contacts, or you can go further:

1. Go to the “Who’s viewed your profile” section. If you’re using LinkedIn Premium, you can see everyone that visited your profile. If not, you have access to some profiles for free.

2. From there, you can use some Zapier automation with Zapier Extension from Google Chrome. In Zapier, you create a trigger that sends the LinkedIn profile you’re visiting directly into LaGrowthMachine.

3. In LaGrowthMachine, you can create a sales sequence and an audience. With the Zapier trigger, you can add these profiles directly into your LaGrowthMachine sales outreach sequence, in one click. They will be enriched and outreached automatically!

Hack 4: Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to lead ABM strategy

We’ve already written a detailed post about this methodology, so we’ll be quick about it.

The goal with ABM is to go from the account (=the company) and to find specific leads into these accounts (= leads).

You can do this pretty easily if you’re used to prospecting with LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Here’s the hack:

First, log in to LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Then, go from the account tab, and start adding some filters.

Then, switch to the leads tab using the “View current employee” button.

All the companies you’ve clustered will be added as a filter in the lead tab. So you’ll get to see the leads that are working in these specific companies.

Account Based Marketing is really a game changer for B2B prospecting, so we suggest you use this technique as a mantra for your next prospecting actions. You even have software specific to ABM that you can use to simplify the process..

Hack 5: Get a higher reach with LinkedIn engagement pods

To make it simple, the LinkedIn algorithm is working this way: the more your posts are generating engagement (=clicks, comments, sharing), the more people are going to be reached by your future posts (=reach).

So if you want to make money, you’ve got to make leads. To create leads, you’ve got to improve your reach. In order to improve your reach, you’ve got to improve your engagement. To improve your engagement, you’ve got to make great posts. Simple maths.

Example of a post meant to generate engagement

Except for the last input: you have to make great posts, for sure, but you can also cheat by using engagement pods or buying LinkedIn likes.

At this stage, maybe you’re wondering what engagement pods are.

Basically, pods are communities where people like, comment, and share posts (=engagement) from other people from the community. The idea is that all the people from the pod can get its reach increased.

There are manual pods and automated pods, each with its pros and cons (the quality of the comment, the time spend to get a comment, etc…) but we’re not going to get into it here. Just remember that this hack exists.


With the 5 hacks presented in this article, you can easily improve your ROI and grow your lead generation efforts on LinkedIn. You don’t necessarily have to use LaGrowthMachine, but it’s a huge help for all your prospecting efforts.

Our clients are getting more than 3.5X the results they used to have to try to generate leads manually. And you’ll save A LOT of time.

These hacks are not only useful but also very easy to implement. So don’t hesitate any more and start using them now!

Happy LinkedIn Hacking!

Get 3.5X more leads!

Do you want to improve the efficiency of your sales department? With La Growth Machine you can generate on average 3.5x more leads while saving an incredible amount of time on all your processes.

By signing up today, you’ll get a free 14-day trial to test our tool!

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